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PegasusTSI Inc. is a global company based in Tampa, Florida


Momentive Project Waldo

PegasusTSI provided FEL 1, FEL 2 and FEL 3 for a project to build a new building on the Waterford, New York site which houses a new mixing production area which will also include laboratory space, office space, lunchroom, locker room facilities, conference rooms, as well as being a showcase for customers to visit at Waterford, New York facility.

The project was to complete a FEL 3 package for Project Waldo which is targeting an overall design maturity of 60%. The scope includes the following key elements:

• Secondary Programming effort to solidify all space and utility needs and flows in production, lab, and administrative spaces.
• Design mixing and pressout processes based on Momentive process specifications
• Complete set of P&IDs for mixing, pressout, and packaging equipment
• Specification of Major Equipment
• Participation in a Momentive Led PHA (with a budget of 5 days)
• Sizing of all utility loads
• Engineering of process heating and cooling systems (with system selection)
• Definition of HVAC loads for the building spaces
• Electrical One Line Diagrams
• Underground and major plant utility tie-ins identified, and capacity verified.
• Constructability Review
• Definition of Project Execution Plan-for Detailed Engineering, procurement, and construction phases.
• Capital Cost estimate for full project execution with an accuracy of +/-20%


Front End Loading


Fertilizers & Inorganic Chemicals


Waterford, NY


December 2018 – January 2019


  • FEL 1
  • FEL 2
  • FEL 3

Momentive Building for Project Waldo
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