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PegasusTSI, Inc. is a global company based in Tampa, Florida

Refining & Petrochemicals

Oil refining

PegasusTSI has completed numerous petroleum refining projects throughout the world encompassing virtually all modern petroleum processes, including heavy oil processing and upgrading facilities. Our detailed engineering, construction and project management professionals have extensive experience in providing optimized project economics and scheduling, as well as construction management.

We specialize in the revamp and expansion of existing facilities where the need for coordination of project feasibility and evaluation, planning, reuse of equipment and continued operation during construction are vital.

To ensure each project’s success, PegasusTSI provides:


PegasusTSI’s process industry team, with a high degree of expertise in the petrochemicals, chemicals and polymer industries, provides the right kind of expertise for the very competitive petrochemicals market sector. With our global project experience, vast process design expertise and project management capabilities, PegasusTSI has completed projects for a wide range of intermediates and end-products.

Our primary focus is to provide engineering, procurement and construction management services for large, mid-size and smaller projects from conception through operations. Every level of PegasusTSI’s service and products are enhanced through the use of Stage Gate Processes, best practices implementation and the incorporation of safety and environmental compliance systems. Our proven project revamp and debottlenecking approach allows us to execute projects on time and on budget with no surprises.

Case Study

American Refining Group, New Lube Oil Hydrotreater

In a complex project, several technical challenges appear, requiring the expertise of PegasusTSI. These challenges included technology licensor coordination for the reactor design and finalizing key equipment such as the Hydrogen Make Up Compressor and Hydrogen Recycle Compressor. PegasusTSI’s process knowledge, project management skills, and coordination with clients and licensors were instrumental in overcoming these challenges. We provided accurate cost estimates, detailed equipment quotations, and ensured schedule compliance. 

Oil Refining & Petrochemicals Engineering
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