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PegasusTSI Inc. is a global company based in Tampa, Florida

Front End Loading

Maximizing project performance.

Front end engineering packages are typically developed in a structured Project Delivery Process system to ensure that they meet all project scope requirements, and that stakeholder participation has occurred. PegasusTSI’s Project Manager is responsible for meeting all project requirements and leading all members of the project team by facilitating the Project Delivery Process, Value Improvement Practices (VIPs), and applying phase evaluation tools such as Construction Industry Institute’s (CII) Project Definition Rating Index (PDRI) and Independent Project Analysis’s (IPA) Front End Loading (FEL) Index.

The PegasusTSI team of Senior Project Managers can provide assistance to Client Project Managers and project teams in early project planning aimed at maximizing project performance throughout the project to ensure completion of key activities.

This assistance includes the following items:

Case Study

Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (Takreer) Green Diesel Project

Project consisted of the reconfiguration and optimization of TAKREER’s Ruwais and Abu Dhabi refineries to meet the new Ultra Low Sulfur Gas Oil concentration standard of 10 ppmw sulfur, as well as cetane number, back-end distillation temperatures, density, cold flow properties and poly-aromatics or total aromatics content.
Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (Takreer) Green Diesel Project - front end loading
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