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PegasusTSI Inc. is a global company based in Tampa, Florida


Optimal Group – Malaysia Incinerator Compliance & Reliability

Initially begun as a process evaluation study to ensure environmental emissions compliance and to improve the operational reliability of Optimal’s existing incinerator, the project subsequently evolved into a Basic Engineering Package and ultimately a Detailed Engineering Package.

Plagued by operational reliability issues due to accumulated solids, leakage and failure of the incinerator quench tank, Optimal was also under pressure to ensure the incinerator met new emissions limitations instituted by the Malaysian Department of Environmental Protection. The incinerator therefore required modifications to both minimize its downtime and increase its particulate removal efficiency.

Working in cooperation with its local partner, MECIP Global Engineers Sdn. Bhd., PegasusTSI investigated the use of new plant technology and the modification of existing equipment.  The results of the study indicated that to attain long term control of particulate emissions below the mandated level, the installation of an electrostatic precipitator operating in conjunction with the existing incinerator system would provide the best, economical results.  In addition, the existing quench system was replaced, bolstered with the addition of a solids and debris removal system, and the incinerator control system was optimized to improve overall removal efficiency.


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Kerteh, Terengganu, Malaysia


September 2007 – April 2009


  • Engineering Study
  • Environmental Emission Compliance
  • Basic Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering
  • ±15% Estimate
  • Procurement Support
  • Construction Management

Optimal Group – Malaysia Incinerator Compliance & Reliability project image 01
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