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PegasusTSI Inc. is a global company based in Tampa, Florida


Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma’aden) Magnesite Mining & Processing

The FEED phase of the project involved the preparation of a Basic Engineering Package which included the integration of Multiple Hearth Furnace (MHF) and Vertical Shaft Kiln (VSK) technology, the preparation of a Master Project Schedule, a Capital Cost Estimate, and Project Execution, Procurement, and Inspection Plans.  Ma’aden plans to recover the magnesite ore from open pit mines, crush and screen it at the mine site transport it to the processing facility where it will be processed into one of two products: 39,000 MTPY of high-grade magnesia produced via calcination in MHF’s and 32,000 MTPY of sintered magnesia will produced via VSK’s.

Upon successfully completing the FEED, PegasusTSI was awarded the complete Project Management, Detailed Engineering and Procurement Phase of the project as well as all Construction Management responsibilities.  PegasusTSI performed and managed the project utilizing a multi-office, multi-firm approach.  Primary engineering design was performed in the Tampa and Birmingham offices in the United States, while additional detailed engineering design, construction management and commissioning services were provided in cooperation with its subcontractor, SOFCON, out of its Al Khobar location in Saudi Arabia.


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Fertilizers & Inorganic Chemicals


Zarghat, K.S.A. (Mine Site), Al-Madinah, K.S.A. (Process Plant Site)


September 2006 – September 2009


  • FEED
  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction Management
  • Commissioning Services

Maaden Magnesite Plant
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